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Are you fed up with Wall Street?  It is time to take your Finances back to Main Street and work with an independent, experienced advisor that has a fiduciary responsiblity to put your interests ahead of theirs.

Are you researching the cost of a financial advisor or investments? Are you looking at your brokerage statements and wondering what are your financial advisor's fees, or investment fees?

All Advisors provide a free consultation and analysis of your current financial situation. You are under no obligation and can proceed with recommendations at your discretion.

All members of IFA.org have over 15 years of experience and are independent Federally Registered Investment Advisories.

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Why work with an Independent Advisor?

As Wall Street firms contend with the fallout of their subprime exposure and high risk practices, their debts and write offs continue to grow. How can anyone trust them to manage personal assets, when they can't manage their own? As independent RIA's, these advisors have a fiduciary responsiblity to you, the investor.

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As an investor you are searching for the right counsel and guidance. At Independent Financial Advisor.org, our Advisor members are local and ready to focus on your concerns and not waste your time or money.

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